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RYT-200 SADHANA YOGA Teacher Training

                       SchoolYoga Institute
               RYT-200 Sadhana Yoga Teacher Training
                   April 18 - May 8, 2015

Join SchoolYoga Institute at Babel Studio in Santorini, Greece,
for a powerful, transformative yoga teacher training that shares
the wisdom of the ancient practice of yoga in a stunning location.
  We offer an intensive, 21-day course with a yogic schedule every day,
beginning with a sunrise meditation and yoga asana in
Babel's gorgeous, wood-floored studio, with wide and stunning
views over the Aegean sea.  Classes make use of the nearby
red beach and surrounding countryside, and the natural
beauty of Santorini will be incorporated throughout our time there. 

  We celebrate our wisdom through sacred ceremonies and personal
inner work, that hel
p us to clear space within ourselves for
these teachings to come through
 We reach deeper into ourselves
and into our senses in order to gain a deeper understanding
of our daily experience.
 We learn the language of teaching, so we can share the
gift of yoga with others while continuously exploring ourselves.
 Our days are filled with stimulating philosophical discussion
and meaningful sharing within a safe and sacred space.  

   SYI's Facilitators provide thorough guidance on the art of
teaching yoga as well a broader understanding of yogic wisdom,
healing and the practice of conscious living, in a format that allows
students to really live the life of yoga.
Lead Facilitator Jiya Julia Randall offers a wealth of knowledge
and experience, focusing her trainings on the creative flow
that lies within each of us and the importance of creating space
for our inner connection to be expressed. 
Her gentle guidance invites participants to explore what is
under their skin and within their hearts, and release into their
own sweet unfolding.

  Learn age-old teachings for the practice of stillness,
supported by this ancient land.  Discover the secrets that have allowed
humans to connect to source for thousands of years. 
 Embrace the yogic way of living and immerse yourself
 in a world of learning and self-discovery.  Receive guidance for
inner growth and let go of whatever keeps you from being
the most genuine YOU you can be.  We invite you to join our group
here at Babel Studio, Santorini, for what promises
to be a life-changing journey.

  For more information or to sign up, please visit; or emai