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Motimaru Butoh Dance 5-day workshop 2014



                          Intensive Butoh dance workshop


                                 'Form of Soul'


                            26th- 30th of August 

                              Santorini, Greece


About Motimaru


moti - movements of the origin.
maru - ship travelling in metamorphose between truth and fantasy, life and death.

Motimaru is a butoh dance company created in Tokyo by Motoya Kondo and Tiziana Longo, two dancers trained at the Kazuo Ohno Butoh Dance Studio. They both studied for five years under the direction of Yoshito Ohno, who is himself following the footsteps of the two founders of butoh: Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno.

Motimaru aims to grasp the essence of butoh and also have researched about Balinese dance, Noh theater, Modern dance, Sufi dance, to find intersections between the West and the East, the ancient and the modern in a continuous line across cultures rooted in nature.


About the workshop

"kara-­da" (
からだ) means body in Japanese. "kara" means emptiness and "da" means standing or existence, according to the well-known Japanese performing art professor Masakatsu Gunji. This is how Japanese have been considering what the body is, or... who we really are. Here, it is not talking only about Japanese culture, but the universal reality of the existence.
What we are looking for is a form which is not bound by traditions that is losing reality for us in this rapidly changing time, nor some stylized genre, but one which is liberate and connected to our own real being. Form of soul.
But, how? What is most important is a method. What is demanded in the contemporary dance scene now must be not a denial of techniques and struggle solely with new concepts, but a concrete innovative method that gives possibility and variety of new authentic dance language. Besides the practice and research of modern dance, Balinese dance, and Noh theater, the main seed of the search comes from Kazuo Ohno dance studio - methods of the son Yoshito Ohno, who is conveying the essence of the two great Masters of dance, Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. In their works, we can find not the styles (white painting, grotesqueness, etc.), but the way to experience the universal reality of our body-­mind-­space through dance, and to embody everything such as paintings, sculptures, music, and any existences into dance.
The intention of the workshop is not to spread “butoh” or some certain style, but to bloom a lotus in the mud of this often-misunderstood culture, and polish it to dedicate to contemporary performing arts and all cultures by inviting participants to fundamental approach to body­‐mind‐space and to create each own dance, art, and life.

- Sharpening and opening the perception of body-mind-space
- Learning the relation between body and mind
- Learning the way to control the quality of the body-mind-space in any elements
- Resulting in developing the relationship between body-space-nature-things-people


Training program 


Workshop is divided in 4 stages

Whitening (Returning to a neutral body-mind)
- Asana
- Observing body and space
- Catch all the space around, move together with space

Basic movements
- Tatsu, Aruku - Standing and Walking
- Shiboru, Shagamu - Twisting and Sinking
- Each part of the body
o Feet
o Eyes
o Hand
o Back

Metamorphose(Control the quality of the body-mind-space)
- Density (stone, wood, powder, etc.)
- Fineness
- Heaviness and lightness
- Bigness and smallness
- Creating dance from paintings ( Dali, Magritte, Hokusai, etc...)
- Creating dance from things around us( trees, flowers, smokes, any objects)

Creating a performance
- Relationship with music, objects, and costumes
- coming into the space, disappearing from the space


Duration: 25 hours (5 hours per day)

Cost of the workshop : 170 euro 

Cost with accommodation and food : 380 euro

(prepay fee for your registration  is required- limited number of participants)


Program  details and registration:




Tel. 0030 6933475651, 00306936842856


Babel Studio Santorini