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Once upon a time

Once upon a time
 Long time  ago men meant to build a tower to reach God
They would call it Babel 
 In the meantime that the greatest builders committed
themselves to accomplish the tower  
 one generation after another passed and stil
l no sign of God.

  Though, they were so faithful in their quest,that
no disappointment appeared in their haerts , and the
new generation continued their fathers commitment
with the same struggle.
No matter that their will was so strong , they could not confront
the cosmic law of nature ,gravity and etenal flow
 Each generation was creating her own dialect 
and each dialect was creating a new language.
As time passed by, so many languages were created
that it was no longer possible for them to continue their quest.
Even though their seek was to find unity through eternity,
communication between them was cut off inevitably,
so separation and attachment arrised instead in their mind.

  As a greek story tells: ' times stay the same' ,
 Allah said to Kemal...
'I have hidden the seed inside of them.
That ' s why it is so difficult for them to find me...'